60.seconds and 10 questions with…… Frances Allhusen

Where were you born and where have you lived:
Essendon, Hertfordshire then Pinhay and Whitlands, Lyme Regis.

Your First pony, name, size & breed:
Tony 12.2 Dartmoor who endlessly bucked us off.

Funniest horse / pony moment:
In 70s and early 80s we used to travel ponies loose in the trailer.  My funniest moment was fat little Marcus coming out through the jockey door and getting his tummy stuck, while 6-year-old Louise was trying to push him back. Somehow, he managed to jump back unaided.

Top Tip:

Get ready the night before and have a mental or actual list especially when travelling a long distance.

Rider Hero:

Mary King. Who else always put her horse at the very top of the list and never
mentioned herself unless she made a mistake. Even after the London Olympics when we met her
driving her lorry, all she could say was ‘Wasn’t he brilliant?”

Horse you might like to steal:

Louise’s Tammy. A magic little mare

Your proudest achievement:
Revisiting fences that, with dear old Dick Brake’s voice ringing in my
ears “Kick on m’dear” , somehow I jumped.,

How much did you pay for the first set of shoes and in what year:

60 years ago…no idea. When first married, we went to Frankie Turl’s forge by Chantry Bridge, Colyton.

How many years have you been a member of L.C.R.C.
I first joined in the very early days with home bred Carler so very early 80s. After a long gap I rejoined 5 years ago.

Main aim for 2021:
To have fun with like-minded friends.