60.seconds and 10 questions with…… Helen Turner

Where were you born and where have you lived:
Newport Isle of Wight. I moved over to the mainland when I was 24 and lived at Luppitt where I owned my first horse. A chestnut section D with flaxen mane and tail and four white socks. A couple of other places but we now live in Dalwood in our forever home on top of the hill.

Your First pony, name, size & breed:
Tingaling, a strawberry roan 14.2 new forest pony. He belonged to the riding school but I was allocated to look after him.

Funniest horse / pony moment:
Thinking I was having a training day at Chard Equestrian only to be told it was a competition ‘Combined Training’ It was intro B dressage and 60 cms show jumping – it was funny because we won!

Top Tip:
Listen to experienced riders and decide what works for you and your horse.

Rider Hero:
I use to watch Sanyo Sanmar win everything as a teenager. Since I have come back into riding, I was so impressed with Vicky Young my trainer, especially when I learnt her age! At times I had thought I’m too old for this but seeing Vicky and all she accomplishes has spurred me on.

Horse you might like to steal:
Sorry I can’t answer this as I love my boys.

Your proudest achievement:
I use to belong to the Horse Rangers on the Isle of Wight and was asked to be in their Musical Ride. We travelled around performing at the Island Fetes. At one event we rode at Carisbrook Castle in front of Princess Anne. We were going to ride in front of Lord Louis Mount Batten but he was sadly blown up 2 weeks before.

How much did you pay for the first set of shoes and in what year:
I have never had shoes on my boys.

How many years have you been a member of L.C.R.C.
One year.

Main aim for 2022:
Enter a dressage competition that includes cantering and continue to improve my riding and have fun.