LCRC Spring, Summer & Early Autumn 2021

Dear Members

I usually begin with “Happy New Year” in my first newsletter, well its rather late in the year for that, so I will begin by wishing you all well for the coming year, and to welcome our new club members, the committee have been very busy, we have embraced Zoom to have our monthly meetings, and hopefully have organised something for everyone to enjoy!

Following a successful AGM on Zoom, when it was great to have club members attending, other than just the committee, this certainly brightened up January! At the meeting Pam Ewell, Brenda Lunt, Leah Steele and Nicola Cunningham stood down from the committee, Jane passed on huge thanks for the years of hard work they have given to the club, they will be missed… we welcomed Jan Osborne, Nicky Rogers and Davina Hardiman onto the committee, Jan returning to the
committee, how many of you were club members when Jan was last on the committee 1985 – 1995? Jane and I definitely were, nice to have you back Jan! From memory Davina did a couple of years on the committee as well in the late 90’s. Nicky bravely agreed to join us all, which is great to have her knowledge and experience on the committee.

Looking forward, as there is light at the end of the very long tunnel, spring is around the corner and the days are getting longer for us all to enjoy our horses. As before, we are following the BRC COVID guidelines, this may mean smaller groups on the rides, limited social gatherings until we are given the thumbs up for the next stages, which will hopefully be in the summer. Then we can move on cautiously and enjoy club demos and maybe a BBQ. Fingers firmly crossed….
Look forward to seeing many of you at the various club events we have planned.